WORLDS MERGE IN : :Worlds are under merge process !
Game Of Eggs Event

The weekly Diamond Island event this time will be special and unique! 
Event time - 22:00 CET ( 17:00 BRT )
During today's Diamond Island Event, the following rewards will be obtainable:
*30 silver tokenssilvertoken.gif
*Unique Egg
*30 mastery points 

More informations about Diamond Island Event can be found here 

Required level 50+ 
MC is not allowed during the event, if anyone will be catched up mcing it will result in main account banishment.

17 Nov 2019

Whats new?

We have decided to increased exp rates at lower levels, to give chance all the new/current players to catch up with levels and fight in the tournament. 

Experience stages are related only from lvl 1 - 180: 
From level 1 - 150 = 5x 
From level 151 - 180 = 3x
From level 181 - 250 = 1x ( without changes ) 
From level 251 = 0,7x ( without changes )  

Also instant experience scrolls (50%) has been increased from 10 uses to 50 uses per character

However we would like to reward those players who players hard to gain the levels while the rates we're lower, so everyone over level 150+ will receive wat with rate : level * 1 point ex. level 200 = 200 wat points. 

16 Nov 2019

Whats new? 

1. PZ zone from fibula / thais castles has been removed
2. PVP protection has been lowered from 70% to 50%
3. Corrupted monsters spawn chances has been increased 1% -> 5%
4. Fixed !gymtime buy to add 8 hours
5. Added possibility to sell on the market following items :
-Teemo Tools
-All kind of aura orbs
-All kind of pet items

13 Nov 2019
Worlds Merge - War Begins !

We are glad to announce, that WeAreTibia BOW worlds will be merged tomorrow 12.11.2019 at 12.00 CEST. The worlds will be under maintenance for 2-3 hours. Also, countdown until the merge has been turned on.

All characters and accounts from Lutabra and Skeletabra worlds will be transferred to the main BOW world, some technical details about merge :
-If your account number is not working - that means there was already the same account number on BOW world.
There is added 1 at the beginning of your account number.
For example, your account number was 105105 -> your new account number is 1105105.
All houses will be wiped, to avoid mess at your inbox chest, makes sure to clean up your house, otherwise the items will be automatically sent to your inbox chest.
-You will not lose any items/skills/progress during the merge

As we announced at the beginning the guild with most mastery points will be the winner of the tournament after 30 days and the date when we choose the winner of 3.500$ prize is 2.12.2019.

Your account and character will be moved to
New client will be available after merge at

We wish good luck to all participating teams and LET THE WAR BEGINS!

11 Nov 2019

Whats new?
-Corrupted monsters :
*Chances of spawning corrupted monsters has been increased to 1%
*200% base hp instead of 400%
*30% damage
*+100% experience
*Dropping normal loot + wings materials
3 tiers of corrupted monsters :
Low - monsters with experience 0 - 1000 = chances to drop 1 piece of each wings materials
Mid - monsters with experience 1001 - 6000 = chances to drop 3 piece of each wings materials
High - monsters with experience 6001+ = chances to drop 5 pieces of each wings materials
-Wings information :
Demonic wings - recommended for sorcerers/druids
Angel wings - recommended for paladins
Fire wings - recommended for knights
-Added possibility to increase training time via command !gymtime buy

11 Nov 2019


Loot of following monsters has been increased: 
-Dragon lords
-Undead Hydras
-Frost Dragons
-Witch agathas
-Supreme warlocks
Website changes : 
-Lost account option has been fixed 
-Every new registred account require email confirmation 
-Souleaters ranking has been added

03 Nov 2019
BoW 3 Final Changelog


Experience stages : 

Level 1-50 4x
Level 51-120 2x
Level 121-250 1x 
Level 250+ 0.7x

Lootrate without changes - 1.5x 

Soul Eater event : 

BOW3 will host Soul Eater event ( 30 days )  - you can check details about Soul Eating mechanics at our wiki:
At the END of Tournament we will add the following Rewards: 
1st. place = 500 RTP 
2nd. place = 400 RTP
3rd. place = 300 RTP 
4th. place = 200 RTP 
5th. place = 100 RTP 

Content changes : 

-All of monsters got 10% chances to spawn as Corrupted. Corrupted monsters got +400% health and +30% overall damage. They drop materials required for crafting powerful wings at Wings Crafter NPC ( Thais under Cursed Blacksmith NPC ) 

-Over 1000 magical stones around the map have been added which can be mined via Hellforged Hammer - you will gain unique ores required for Wings

Ultimate Spells 

Ultimate spells are obtainable at Reborn Master NPC. Unlocking Ultimate Spell is available for Grand vocations with level 65+. The cost of unlocking Ultimate Spell is equal to 200 RTP. Ultimate Spells Scrolls are also available at one of dungeons/quest. 

Knight ULTIMATE spell

Name: The prison 
Level: 65+ Grand Knight
Magic level: 5 
Spell: Exeta In
Cost: 500 HP + 250 MP
Cooldown/exhaust: 3 minutes
Description: It traps everyone inside the ground circle for 2.5s.

Sorcerer ULTIMATE spell

Name: Final Spark 
Level: 65+ Grand Sorcerer
Magic level: 45
Spell: Exevo Lux 
Cost: 1500 MP
Type: Energy damage
Cooldown/exhuast: 3 minutes
Damage: 100% stronger than Death Wave spell
Description: A powerful beam that deal true damage. When the spell is casted damage isn't instant! it has a 1s delay, with animation, to let people avoid the beam. 

Paladin ULTIMATE spell

Name: The Sharped Arrow
Level: 65 + Grand Paladin
Magic level: 15
Spell: Utana Vid Max
Cost: 500 MP 
Cooldown/exhuast: 3 minutes
Description: When casted it makes you fully invisible and granting you strong haste. It lasts 3 seconds. 

Druid ULTIMATE spell

Name: Salvation
Level: 65 + Grand Druid
Magic level: 40
Spell: Exura Life "nick
Cost: 1000 MP 
Cooldown/exhuast: 3 minutes
Description: Cast a green aura to the target, while target has green aura, its immune for everything. It lasts 3 seconds.

02 Nov 2019
BoW 3 Launch 02.10.2019 18:00 CEST


Reward - 3500$ USD via BTC / TC / PP

The Cards game changes : 

1. Vocation boost gem has been limited up to 10 uses per character
2. Magic level boost potion has been limited up to 5 uses per character
3. Instant experience scroll (50% of exp) has been limited up to 10 uses per character

Guilds changes:

1. Guilds are limited up to 25 members
2. Only 1 chance to join guild, if you get kicked/leave the guild you won't be able to join any other guild until tournament ends
3. Guilds must be created before merge, you won't be able to create or join to the guild after merge.
However, there may show up teams, after the world merge. They will have a chance also to join a guild / create guild. Accounts/players created between day 1 - 3 after worlds merge, will have 10 days to enter/join the guild.

PVP changes:

1. Protection system has been increased to 70% How does it work ?
Example : If you are level 100, and you killing a player without guild in levels range 1-70 - he is not dieying, and you are not getting frag, he is simply teleported to temple. Thanks to that solution you will avoid getting randomly redskull.
2. Frag limits
15 frags daily - redskull
50 frags weekly - redskull
80 frags monthly - redskull
3. Protection system is not working between guilds - that means you can kill guild member with any level from enemy team, and he will always die.

Mastery points changes: 

1. Mastery points from all common quests have been removed
From now on you can obtain mastery points in the following ways :
*Killing other guild members 4 MP each
*Rorina storyline quest 2 MP each 
*Dungeons 2 MP each 
*Castle raids 1 MP each
*Leveling up pet 3 MP per 10 levels ( lvl 1 - 50 ) 5 MP per 10 levels ( lvl 60 - 100 ) 

Content changes: 

1. Carlin Black Knight spawn has been replaced with Mercenary ( new monster ) 
2. Added random spot after traveling via boat between towns
3. Added 4 sec. cooldown for using "bring me to" while your character is PZted from attacking another player
4. Crafting gems requirements has been lowered
5. Loot formulas of following monsters has been corrected :
*Dragon Lords
*Death Lords
*Supreme Warlocks
*Witch Agatha
*Undead Hydras
6. Gheed bonus +10% to buy price has been removed
7. Gheed price changes: 
*Master Armor 110k -> 55k
*Master Helmet 66k -> 40k
*Master Boots 41k -> 35k
*Master legs 55k -> 32k
*Death blade 66k -> 40k
*Royal Blue helmet 66k -> 40k
*Black Armor 83k -> 70k
*Black Helmet 66k -> 50k
*Black Legs 66k -> 50k
*Black Boots 44k -> 38k
8. Added different element damage types to most of bossess / behaviour has been reworked
9. Automatic disenchant gem / price lowered from 200 points to 30 points
10. Healing through walls via exura sio is disabled

New features: 

1. Crafter boxes -
2. Wings system 
3. Team hunting system 


Please note, this list does not contain all changes, most of mainly content changes will be posted in upcoming days. 

26 Oct 2019