WAT Nexus start in :WAT Nexus world started !
World Transfers

Dear Community ! 

First of all we are glad to announce winners of Nexus tournament world - Flying Dutchman
They have won 3 Battles of Nexus and also they are guild with top amount of mastery points - 903 in total.

World transfers between NEXUS and Global world will be enabled until SS at 13.02.2020.

World Transfer details:
-World transfer is free
During world - transfer your whole character will be transferred including:
-Depot Chest
-Inbox Chest
-Items on player
-All character statistics
How to transfer character? 
Login to account managment, then simply click world-transfer button. You will need to write "destination account". 
Destination account - is an account at https://global.wearetibia.com/ where character from NEXUS world will be transferred. 
Requirements to transfer character: 
-You cannot own house
-You cannot be a member of a guild
-Your character must be offline
-You cannot have an active market offers

10 Feb 2020
Client release !

Official Nexus clients are available to download. 

Limited discount ! 
*100% higher bonus at Paypal donations 500 pts + ! Offer available only untill server save at 11.01.2020 12:00 CET 


10 Jan 2020
Nexus World Launch 10.01.2020 18:00 CEST

1. There will be 3 diamond island events, each sunday 22:00 CET

2. First guild which mange to kill diamond nexus will be rewarded with 500$ ( the event will be repeated 3 times,12,19,26.01.2020)

3. Guild with most mastery points after 30 days will be rewarded with 500$

Note If there will be only 1 team fighting for the nexus(no other guilds participating) the prize of 500$ will be halved

Main priviligies of being guild member:
1. Experience +5%
2. Killing enemies rewards you with experience
3. Killing enemies rewards you with mastery points
4. You can kill other guild members without punishments - no skull / no frag 

PvP-E Guild Rules
1. Creating a guild is equal to participate in war. Every guild participate in global war since creation. No declarations of war are required.
2. Killing member of other guild is always justfied. You will get no unjust frag or skull.
3. You will gain 1% of total experience from your target. To gain experience the target cannot be lower more than 10% levels than you.
For example while you are level 100, and you gonna kill level 90 - you will gain experience. If you are level 100 and you gonna kill 89 - you will get no experience at all.
4. Rule about 10% diffrence is applied only in case of killing a player with lower level than you are actually. When you are level 50 and you gonna kill level 100 member of other guild you will always gain experience.
5. While you are member of a guild, and you gonna kill random player without guild you will gain skull / unjustfied frag.

Obtaining Mastery Points:
Rorina Storyline Quest: 2 mastery points
Dungeon: 2 mastery points
Castle raids: Carlin 1 MP / Fibula 2 MP / Thais 3MP
Tasks: 1 MP each
Killing enemy guild member: 4 mastery points
Getting killed by enemy guild: -2 mastery point

Prize of 500.00$ will be paid via Paypal or BTC

Good luck, and let the Battle of Nexus Start!!

05 Jan 2020